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Article: Your Health depends on your Healthy habits By Dr Rangadhar Satapathy
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HEALTH's Definition of Health as per World Health Organization (WHO)

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".

Physical Health :Your physical health can be defined as overall health of your physical body. Your physical body consist of bone, muscles, blood, nerve and various biological tem. Each tem consists of various parts that perform a healthy physiological function of those parts. For example of cardio vascular tem that consists of heart, blood vessels. The healthy cardio vascular tem means health physiological function of heart and blood vessels.  Each body part or organs consist of specific tissues and each specific tissues consist of various cells. So ultimately a healthy body starts its journey from a healthy cell.


How your cell will be healthy

  • If the cells are getting proper cellular nutrients in adequate amount
  • If the cells are getting proper oxygenation
  • If the cells are protected by a healthy immune tem
  • If there maintain a balanced and health equilibrioum between intra and extra cellular environment

So how we can be healthy

Need to practice the following 10 healthy habits

  1. Practice Physical activities daily. That includes exercise, walking, going to gym, yoga, pranayam, daily gardening, cycling, playing out door games any sort of physical activities that  suit to your age.
  2. Try to reduce your mental stress. It can be practiced by the following way &ndash first identify the source of stress. Then tackle it by &ndash i) avoiding the unnecessary stress , ii)if you can avoid the stress situation then try to it, iii) if you cant change the stressor then adopt yourself to the stressor by enhancing your mental capability by practicing meditation, adopting a positive attitude, iv)some stressors are unavoidable that cant be prevent or change in that case accept the truth, look for the upside, iv) make time for fun and relaxation, adopt a healthy lifestyle.      
  3. Take a balanced diet. Eat moderately and in time. Add more natural raw fruits and veges in your diet.  The essential micronutrients are necessary for a healthy cell.
  4. Get minimum 8 hours sleep in night. Go early to bed and wake up early in morning. Never watch TV before going to bed.
  5. Avoid all bad habits. Never smoke. Say NO to any form of nicotine. Quit alcohol habit if you have.
  6. Check your health regularly. You must know whether your body is working healthily or not. That can be known by the regular health check up.  Ignorance or avoidance to health check up is nothing but welcoming the future unavoidable illness that may cause any life threat. So it is told prevention is better than cure. But how to prevent the oncoming health hazards when you don&rsquot know the present health condition.
  7. Healthy social relationship. A healthy social relationship can bring peace in your life. Live with gratitude. Spreads loves. Be honest.
  8. Be patriot. Love, support and defend your country and its interest with devotion
  9. Keep your surroundings clean and healthy
  10. Adopt a helping and giving nature. &ldquoThere is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.? John Holmes
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